Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Trekking Poles Review

The search for the perfect checking gear may have come to an end, but your arsenal would remain incomplete without a pair of trekking poles. The use of this item has gained major leverage over the last decade and is now considered to be a hiker’s staple that acts as a support for walking long distances. Not only do trekking poles help in making the journey easier by taking weight off your knees, but they also promote proper posture and assist in keeping balance on uneven terrain. When you’re out in the wilderness, you never know what challenges you may encounter; so being prepared to face every situation is your best bet.

Trekking poles can take you a step ahead in being prepared as they are a key accessory you must have in your backpack to ensure your journey becomes a success. If you haven’t used an item such as this before, your best bet would be to choose a product that is not too expensive yet provides the necessities to keep you going that extra mile. Take a look at the Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Trekking Poles set that promises everything you desire and even more.

About Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Trekking Poles

This ultra-compact product is very light and folds into a much smaller form factor to fit in your backpack perfectly. You don’t need to worry about being slowed down or missing something while traveling because this trekking pole set comes with every possible gear you would need to have a comfortable trip. What makes this set an even more alluring option is that it offers you items that are worth an entire set whereas other brands just give you a pair of walking sticks. Now that we have your full attention check out the full list of specifications mentioned below.


  • The Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Hiking Poles are extremely compact and light in weight. You can easily put it inside your backpack as it decreases to 14 inches in length when folded and weighs only 0.6 lbs each pole.
  • Made of aluminum 7075 that is the best in class and also comes with an advanced locking mechanism to withstand harsh environment conditions effortlessly.
  • Perfect for every height as the pole is adjustable from 2’10” to 4’5”; there’s also a removable section that perfectly suits short hikers.
  • Unlike other products, this is an entire set that contains regular caps, exclusive trailer tips and paw tips, mud and snow baskets, as well as two carry bags for your convenience.
  • Cat Nomad gives you one year warranty against manufacturing defects, not to mention you also get a 30-day return window no questions asked.

Benefits Of Using The Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Trekking Poles

Ease Of Use

The best feature of the Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Trekking Poles is its user-friendly items that anyone can adapt to use in a very short time. There isn’t much complication involved in using hiking sticks, even less in the case of products manufactured by Cat Nomad because this company believes in delivering quality items suitable for every age and experience. This pair of trekking poles can be easily folded to just 14 inches in length so that you can throw it inside of your backpack comfortably and not feel any struggle for squeezing out space for other items. Talking about being compact, very few pieces can match up to the compactness of this model.

Highly Durable And Long-Lasting

These trekking poles have been made using the finest quality aluminum that goes by the grade of 7075. If you know anything about airplanes, you have probably concluded by now that this is the same item used in making aircraft. Expect this product to last even the roughest of conditions and give you complete value for money that would be missing in any other competitive product. There is also a secure locking mechanism that should give you a firm grip on the item to avoid using it.

Highly Adjustable And Complete

One of the first things people consider when picking out a trekking pole set is their height. Many people fear that they might end up choosing a product that would go against their height, but you have nothing to worry if you buy this item. This pair of trekking poles by Cat Nomad has already solved the height issue by providing easy adjustability from 2’10” to 4’5” so that everyone can make adjustments according to their height. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 foot tall or stand close to 7 feet, this trekking pole should be the perfect choice for everyone.

Customer Reviews

With over 100 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars on, this product leaves nothing to the imagination as far as its popularity is concerned. You can expect to get only the finest quality performance judging by the opinion of reviewers all around the world. Many people posting reviews on Amazon have claimed that this is the best pair of walking sticks they have ever used. It performs as advertised and there is no shrinking whatsoever involved in continuous usage.

However, only a very negligible minority has complained about its sturdiness and said the sticks fell apart with only a few days of usage. Judging by the majority opinion, you can buy this product with your eyes closed and expect to get top notch performance as claimed. Feel free to look around and search for other products in the same price range, but don’t be surprised if you don’t find any that are worth purchasing.


The Cat Nomad Ultra Compact Hiking Poles have been handcrafted to perfection and is the perfect example of an all in one product. You can consider yourself lucky as this set is available at such a low price because not many other brands dare to put up a competitive pricing such as this one. For more information related to specifications and first-hand customer reviews, visit and see for yourself and then decide if you want to buy. One thing is for certain; there is no way you can go wrong when you have these trekking poles supporting you in your journey and making your dreams come true, one step at a time.

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