Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are the perfect gear for hiking, walking, climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, mountaineering, and many more adventure travels. If you love being outdoors and have a penchant for adventure tours, this tool is ideal for you. This pole has been crafted to be one of the lightest and strongest poles and is made using 100% carbon fiber. Using this three piece, narrow, and ultra-light trekking poles will help you reduce weight without sacrificing the strength. The carbon fiber material helps to decrease vibration and retain some strength over a wide range of temperature differentiation. Fitted with trekking baskets, this pole also includes a tip protector.

I did not have to worry about the strength and support of the pole. Montem’s trekking poles are not made with a mix of aluminum and carbon fiber, just like other poles. All the sections of the pole have 100% carbon fiber, which is an amazing feature of this trekking pole. Get Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles for an adventurous trekking experience!

Features and Specifications

  • The Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are very light, much lighter than other carbon fiber trekking poles.
  • This trekking poles from Montem weigh a total of around 9.2 ounces per pole. It is not only durable but also light. Since there are already heavy materials to carry on the back, this pole helps you to climb that steep easily and effortlessly.
  • It has a turn and lock device, which allows users to open and close the poles between 24 and 53 inches
  • Each pole contains a rubber cover and metal tip
  • A trekking basket is attached to the main footing to support the user while traveling through mud
  • The trekking poles consists of nylon straps which can ensure the safety of your hiking journey

Benefits Of Using Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles


Having used single Leki poles for many years, I was reluctant to try. But, after purchasing it and using it, I am impressed with its functions. It is made up with 100% carbon fiber, and each pole weighs around 7.6 ounces. Being a natural anti-shock material, carbon fiber makes a hiking or trekking trip look easier. If you are not a fan of carbon fiber material, use these poles from Montem to realize its benefits. The grips are made up of dual density EVA foam, and it is very soft and comfortable to hold. For a smooth paddling experience, it also includes adjustable wrist straps.


Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are relatively new to the highly competitive trekking pole market. Being a newcomer, its trekking pole is still one of the best available in the current scenario. Theses poles are mainly preferred by sparse as well as serious hikers with their various models. Designed for moderate and rigorous trekking, you can push yourself through quite a difficult terrain and still come out of that place with a smiling face! These are adamant in nature. It’s light weight thresholds, extended grips, and adjustable heights can help you tackle any terrain and task quickly. Using a high quality of carbon fiber, They are seriously good poles and built for people who thrive on tough outdoor challenges. If you want Montem poles but do not want carbon fiber, check out their aluminum version. The aluminum Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles are also great.


If you think of taking out huge dollar bills from your pocket to buy this trekking pole, you are wrong. You can get this high-end pole for a great price deal. You are quite lucky! Get the best deal on Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles on Compared to other trekking poles, they are available at a reasonable cost. Comfortable, lightweight, sturdy- get this trekking pole at an affordable rate right now. It’ high standard is often rated as one of the best in the current market scenario.

Customer Reviews

Some of the customer reviews on the Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are:

  • Montem trekking poles are light weight and available at a low cost. It has a little longer collapsed length, which provides much-needed support while trekking. The locking level features are easy to adjust but are a bit bulkier. The lower grip of the pole is quite secure. A too beautiful product to use during your trekking and hiking journey.
  • It is a very useful hiking gear. It holds up pretty well, and its grips are comfortable as also its wrist straps. A highly recommended product for all adventurous people out there! Nothing gets a perfect score, other than this trekking pole!
  • This pole suit my needs flawlessly. It is adjustable, which will help you a lot in your trekking adventure. Quite happy with the purchase. Poles are constructed well, and easy to put together, no special instructions are required. The cork handles are easy to manage and maintain. A handy tool for snowy months ahead!
  • Enjoying the durability and the weight of the poles. The foam grip keeps my hand dry and easier to grip. Much more comfortable as compared to my old pole. People go for this tool. A nice pole for a high price.
  • They were very durable, robust, and had what I consider the ideal amount of giving when traversing rocky terrain. They have rubber feet that can be exchanged with the base tip made out of carbon steel. Over the way of my trip, they held up pretty well – much better than my previous pole. They delivered the same strength, solidity, and comfort of this high-end pole. I could tell that they have been built to live up to their model name and motto of being ultra-light weight and very strong.


For a decent price, this trekking pole is the best choice for you! The magnificent design of this trekking pole is capable of supporting you. The twist locks are very sturdy and include 100% carbon fiber material. Using these poles, one can walk through difficult terrains. The Montem Ultralight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are perfect tools for your gear and backpack. It offers a great deal of the value they come up with.

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