Sterling Endurance Foldable Trekking Poles Review

I have always been fond of trekking for I lived in a mountain region during my childhood days and in that part of the world mountain hiking was very popular. I think at that time almost every hiker I saw had a hiking pole of some kind. For me, it was never a matter of using hiking poles because they were an attractive or fashionable thing to own or use but it was just what my common sense asked me to do. Using hiking poles and walking sticks always saved the extra pain of traveling in the backcountry. It also prolonged and added life to my legs, feet, and especially knees.

In last few decades, I have seen that trekking poles have almost become a mandatory thing for hikers or trekkers. A majority of day hikers or seasoned mountaineers use them now. There are many advantages of using hiking poles now, but the main reason is that they reduce the stress on your body during both the descent as well as the ascent.

About the Sterling Endurance Folding Trekking Poles

The compact folding hiking pole by Sterling Endurance is something that you need to hold you up on the rough terrain when you will hike. The Sterling Endurance poles will just fit right in your backpack and will measure up to your expectations. It is made of an aluminum alloy making it ultra light and extremely durable. It quickly chunks down into four parts that are held together by a strong elastic cord. It folds down to 13.5 inches quickly and will be ready for storage in your backpack. The pole will easily and effortlessly snap back together with minimal efforts and will be able to adjust its height from 44” to 53”. The grip is very soft and comfortable as well. The handle is made up of special EVA-foam that helps to absorb the sweat from the hands and leaves them dry. It also comes with a tip made of tungsten that is also extremely tough and great for use on rough hiking trails.

Features and Specifications

  • Compact in size- folds all the way down to 13.5 inches.
  • Made of 7075 aluminum alloy which is of aircraft grade and it makes these trekking poles durable
  • They are light in weight and adjustable with the help of quick locking system.
  • It comes with extra long handles with wider and thicker wrist straps making it more comfortable.
  • It has tungsten steel and rubber point cover which prevents the hands from sweating.

Benefits Of Using Sterling Endurance Folding Trekking Poles

Compact Size

The shaft sections of the Sterling Endurance Folding Trekking Poles are connected by the elastic cord. When reduced in size these fold down all the way to 13.5” and they can be stored easily either in the cloth bag that is included in the purchase or will even fill fit in your backpack.


The height of these poles can be adjusted with quick lock system. The poles have been designed for people from height 5’4” to 6’4”. It can be adjusted from 44 inches to 53 inches.

Material Used

The firm shaft of these trekking poles is made of ultra strong 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This material is considered as the most durable alloy for it consists the strength of many sheets of steel. On the contrary, it has lightweight as well. The surface area of the alloy is created with a highly advanced oxidation process. It is unbelievably hard and thus helps to protect the metal from weathering and corrosion.

Normally, the handle is of 5 ” but in these trekking poles the handle is extended to 10 ”. This extension allows versatility in the changing terrain. The EVA-foam material provides for an efficient all weather soft, comfortable feel. It also helps to absorb moisture from palms.

Special Hand Strap

The thickened and widened hand strap provides for extra comfort. It also has a robust black braided atmosphere on the outer side and soft wool lining inside. The lining absorbs the sweat allowing you to be comfortable on long hikes. It is easily adjusted and fits the hand comfortably.

Tungsten Steel Tip

It has a steel tip made of tungsten that is very hard and designed to be used use on the roughest hiking trails. It also includes rubber point cover which is great for use on pavements and snow basket which are great while trekking through snow.

Customer Reviews

This set of Sterling Endurance Folding Trekking Poles is purchased by customers worldwide, and they are very pleased with the product. Over 400 customers have given their reviews about the product by sharing their experience with these trekking poles. The average rating of the product is 4.7 out of 5 stars that make it a fairly nice product.

One of the customers has shared that he used these trekking poles on a trek involving quite a bit of walking, and he had some hip pain which was exacerbated due to cold weather. With the help of these trekking poles, he could lean on them feeling comfortable. He was pleased to see how easily the poles were adjustable which made it handy for him to store them in the backpack if not in use.

The product has been helpful for people of all ages and has received a lot of appreciation from the users. The customers have been extremely happy with these trekking pole and called it a must buy.


Overall these Sterling Endurance Folding Trekking Poles contain all the qualities that any set of hiking or trekking pole should have. They are light in weight, durable and can be easily adjusted depending on the height of the user. The EVA foam soft material, tungsten tip, and rubber tip also gives more of comfort to the user regarding absorbing sweat from the hands thus avoiding blisters to take place. Bearing in mind all these features and benefits and the reviews of the users, it seems like they are durable, light and comfortable and anyone who is fond of trekking should buy these without any second thought as they are available at a very affordable price. So, go ahead and check out the product details on and decide for yourself if this would be worth the purchase or not.

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